Tööstuslikud õhusüsteemid ja gaasisüsteemid

Manufacturing, repairing and assembly of custom designed machines, devices, and components

First In Service OÜ

First In Service OÜ is an innovative production company founded in 2002 and based on Estonian capital. Its main activity is the production, repair, and maintenance of machines, devices, and components.

We guarantee the high quality of products with our professional team and the best available tools. All our activities focus on valuing our team, product quality, and good customer relations. Our goal is to be a constantly developing and reliable partner for our clients who value long-term cooperation and have a need for better-than-average service.

Objectives of quality and environmental policy and Environmental aspects

First in Service OÜ’s quality and environmental policy is based on:

    • Customer service oriented to cooperation and effective exchange of information

    • Each employee is responsible for the results of their work and its compliance with quality and environmental management requirements, with the aim of ensuring the fulfilment of customer requirements and preventing environmental pollution

    • Management’s commitment to follow, implement, and continually improve the system

    • Monitoring customer satisfaction

    • In compliance with laws and other applicable requirements, both in the course of current as well as future activities in connection with the fulfilment of customer requirements and activities, products or services that affect the environment

    • Clear and simple rules and procedures

    • The economical use of natural resources

    • Cooperation with suppliers

    • Continuous development supported by training

    • Making the quality policy measurable, thereby promoting the understanding and implementation of the quality policy by employees of all levels

First in Service OÜ sets the following goals for the company:

    • 100% compliance with delivery deadlines;

    • Reducing quality complaints;

    • Reducing the risks of fire and associated pollution;

    • Managing the consumption of natural resources;

    • Minimizing the environmental impact of production noise;

    • Increasing the technological standard;

    • Continuous training of production workers;

    • Making production more efficient;

    • Organization of waste management;

    • Creating and maintaining an effective network of suppliers.

The important environmental aspects of First in Service OÜ are as follows:

    • Fire hazard

    • Production noise

    • Organization of waste management

    • Chemical safety

    • Optimal use of natural resources

    • Air pollution